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  1. – Saying at the Cosmo Elqui Hostel is an experience that is meant to be shared with friends, you will never feel lonely.
  2. – We organize activities so you can meet other travelers and we also make sure that your experience in the city is as enjoyable as it can be.
  3. – We have 24/7 reception service.
  4. – After the Check out, you can stay in the public areas until 11 pm.
  5. – The Hostel has a great location, we’re close to the museum, the municipal theatre, the different artisan markets, the main commercial streets of the city, and the bar and restaurant districts.If you want to know how the locals live, and the common life of the city, you ought to stay in a downtown area. On the other hand, if you want to stay close to the mall and other commercial venues in the city, we would recommend you to stay close to the bus station, but, if you want to live an adventure and have an authentic experience in the city, our hostel is the place you want to go.
  6. – We guarantee fun and rest, because the resting area is apart from the common areas you can easily rest in our spacious bedrooms and comfortable beds.
  7. – We can help you with your tour reservations: With our help, combined with our guests experiences, we can help you reserve tours to the best touristic areas, so you avoid any inconveniences, and so you have an unforgettable experience.
  8. – We have secure storage: after you check out you can leave your backpack and luggage with us until 11 pm.
  9. – Enjoy the city on wheels: you can rent one of our bikes and go around the city and to the beach.
  10. – We’re the only Eco-Friendly hostel in town: we recycle all the glass bottles and, we also reduced 70% of our electrical consumption by using LED bulbs, and we use 30% less running water than the average water consumption, this is key, because we’re located in an area prone to droughts.
  11. – Since our staff is made of creative and enthusiastic people, we’re always in the best mood.
  12. – We will be opening our beautiful astronomical experience terrace! This will be a great way for you to know one of the biggest attractions of the Stars Region.
  13. – Our rooms, besides being super comfortable, are equipped with electronic door locks and lockers inside each room to ensure safety.

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How to find us

The Cosmo Elqui Hostel is located in the heart of the historical area of the city, right in a corner which is in front of the Municipal Theater. On our location you also have the best connectivity with the most important tourist places, and also a few steps from all of the services you as a traveler may need.

We could say we have the best location in relation to the interest places in La Serena, such as the museum, the theater, the artisan markets, the main streets of commerce and services, bars and restaurants; if you want to get to know the real life of the city and how the local people do things, the best option is to stay downtown, but if you only want to be surrounded by malls and businesses you should stay close to the bus station. But if you want to have an adventure in our city, this is the place to be.

The Hostel is a 1900, earth colored builing, which is located at the corner between Benavente street and Las Casas street, and it’s very easy to recognize due to the colourful observatory In our terrace.

How to get to the hostel

Walking: you’re at about 20 minutes of the hostel, that is about ten blocks from the bus station to the hostel

Taxi: the cost of the taxi ride is about $3000CLP, from the bus station to the hostel

Colectivo (shared taxi): you can get a colectivo by going to Balmaceda street, which is two blocks from the bus station walking towards the hills, and you can take any colectivo and ask the driver to take you to Benavente con Las Casas, the cost of the taxi is $600 CLP.

Microbus (the green coloured buses): To get to the hostel, you have to towards the highway and wait for the LISERCO buses, the sign on the bus has to say “Directo” or “Recova”, you have to ask the driver to leave you at Infante with Las Casas, once you get on the bus, after a brief tour around downtown, the bus will leave you right in front of a traffic light, once you reach it, you only have to walk about a block on direction to the sea, once you see a plaza, you’ll have found us

Taxi: Outside the airport, which is very small, you’ll find taxis that will take you to the city and will leave you close to the hostel, the taxi costs $5000CLP

Once you get to La Serena, either from the north or the south, you’ll get to the roundabout that connects the highway with the Francisco de Aguirre avenue, when you’re at the roundabout, you have to turn on direction to downtown, after that you have to get to Benavente street and turn left, after that you have to keep going two more blocks until you get to the Tenri square, and in the corner facing the square we’ll be waiting for you.

Our hostel was made with travelers and backpackers in mind, so we do not have a parking lot, but we will help you find a nearby parking lot which is not too expensive.

Address:            Calle Las Casas Nro. 795, Centro de La Serena.

Telephone Number:     512560806

whatsaap:           +56987367687

email:                   contacto@hostelcosmoelqui.com

Our friendly team is always happy to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us through:

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Frequent Asked Questions

Hostel Cosmo Elqui is located in Las Casas 795 corner of Benavente Street in the center of La Serena City. We are in a privileged location. Near us you can find the Teatro Municipal La Serena, La Recova market, museums and other touristic sites. Near our Hostel you can also find all kinds of services and shops. Also we are close the main city avenues like Avenida Francisco de Aguirre that takes you directly to the beach.

The reception is open 24 hours a day. The check in starts at 13: and the check out is at 11:00. After you checked out, you can stay in the communal areas (reception, terrace, communal kitchen) until 23:00.

The receptionists are available from 8:00 to 00:00.

You are welcome to wait in the communal areas until check in time at 13:00.

If you arrive between 5:00 and 7:00 in the morning it is possible to assign you a bed where you can rest until the check in hour at 13:00. There is a minor fee of 5.000 CLP and it includes breakfast.

Yes, it is always possible to come in and out our facilities at any time of the day and night. We also have night activities for our guests such as karaoke night, bar tour, movie nights and special drink nights.

The hostel doesn’t have any parking lots, but you can park your car in front of the building and it costs approximately 6.000 CLP for 24 hours. We can also help you find another parking lot if you need.

Sadly not because we are a Party Hostel and we allow our guests to drink alcohol.

Sadly no, our facilities are not pet friendly.

Yes, have free Wi-Fi access in the entire hostel. The password will be given at the reception.

We have a big locker in the reception you can use for free.

We offer shared dorms with different characteristics and capacities. To access the dorms we will give you a password and inside you can find a locker where you can store your bag.

We have 3 dorms with private bathroom and for the rest of the dorms we have shared bathroom.

Yes, we have a private room with two individual single beds and TV.

During low season (April 1st – December 14th) you can make a reservation without any previous payment. In high season you have to book with 3 days of anticipation and make a deposit of 30% of the total value. You have to pay the rest when you check in. If the deposit is not made 24 hours before the day of your arrival your reservation will be cancelled and the 30% taken.

If you have your stay booked at Hostel World: you have to make a deposit of 15% of the total value.

Yes, we provide laundry service which costs $5.000 CLP for waching drying your cloth.

Yes, we provide breakfast which includes: coffee, milk, juice, bread, cheese, butter, jam, yogurt or milk and oats.

We have free lockers in every dorm where you can leave your bags and personal belongings.

Yes, we have a guest kitchens where you can cook your own meals. Usually the Kitchen is open from 8:00 until 24:00.

We accept Visa and Mastercard Credit, Debit cards and cash.

If you have your stay booked at Hostel World: you have to make a deposit of 15% of the total value.

No, only people who stay at the hostel are allowed to be there.

Yes, you have to book your stay previously and get in contact with us. You can write us: cosmoelqui@gmail.com and phone us (51) 256 0806. You also can get in touch witch us using our social media @hostelcosmoelqui.

Yes, we have 6 bikes available for you to use. You have to sign an agreement and leave a guaranty. It costs 1.500 CLP the hour and 8.000 CLP the day (until 21:00).